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Enrichment & Disability Classes

Enriching and Engaging at Young North

Stage 2 & 3 Enrichment Classes

Young North's Stage 2 and 3 enrichment classes provide students who demonstrate particular learning gifts and talents as well as a strong learning disposition the opportunity to engage with an extended curriculum and learning environment. Students are also supported with career mentoring and a strong focus on both vertical extension as well a broadening of skills through problem solving and thinking skills programs. For more information or to arrange an interview regarding your child's possible selection in these classes please contact Mrs Gay through the school's office. 


The Hub- Multi-category Support Class 

The Hub (as its name suggests) is an integral and valued part of our school and is designed to ensure all of our students feel like winners in learning and in their relationships with others. Some students find it difficult to access a mainstream classroom some or all of the time due to diagnosed disability, mental health or welfare based needs.

This can be a permanent challenge or something they may be passing through, and with support, move forward from. The Hub is designed to support these students to feel and become successful learners and school citizens who enjoy coming to school. This classroom is something not available to most schools and is something that we have been fortunate enough to design to meet the needs of our students and our community. The Hub is a regional support class with permanent student placement requiring access request to a regional panel.

The Hub is not a fixed environment but is a group of learners who will move in and out of regular classrooms (homebases), the school playground and extended learning opportunities as relevant to the individual needs of each student and learner. 

The school's staff will also be supplemented with external service providers and regional support personnel as students needs require servicing. This process of course involves a continued strong relationship with parents and/or carers at home.

The engagement classroom taught by Mrs Stallard gives students the opportunity to express themselves in a safe and rewarding environment where the students are given the chance to excel both in and out of the classroom.